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Lontue Valley

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Lanzur Lontue Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Profound varietal character, with a bouquet of mature red fruit, with tones of leather, chocolate, and tobacco lingering in the aroma. An intense flavor that is concentrated and complex. Its fruit dis..

Varitels: Cabernet Sauvignon       Vintage Aged : 2015       Tag: Cabernet Sauvignon       Item Type: Red Wine       Size: 750 mL

Lanzur Lontue Valley Chardonnay

LanZur Chardonnay is abundant with the soft, round flavors the variety is renowned for. Rich fertile soils and a superb Mediterranean climate contribute to quality grapes fashioned to make this wine. ..

Varitels: Chardonnay       Vintage Aged : 2015       Tag: Chardonnay       Item Type: White Wine       Size: 750 mL

Lanzur Lontue Valley Merlot

NOSE: Pleasant freshness and good varietal character, with bouquet of\rfruits, displaying plums, berries, and mature strawberries, along with a\rdelicate floral aroma.\rSmooth, very concentrated with ..

Varitels: Merlot       Vintage Aged : 2015       Tag: Merlot       Item Type: Red Wine       Size: 750 mL

Odfjell Lontue Valley Orzada Malbec

Concentrated and dark red violet. The nose is pleasant and elegant, starting with black fruits such as blueberries and blackberries followed by attractive oak and tobacco notes together with hints of ..

Varitels: Malbec       Vintage Aged : 2013       Tag: Malbec       Item Type: Red Wine       Size: 750 mL