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Lidio Carraro Agnus Merlot

AGNUS - Representing the lamb, a symbol of purity, joy, and passion, was born from the Winery's purist philosophy and a tribute to the terrior of Encruzilhada do Sul terrior. Made with 100% merlot gra..

Varitels: Merlot       Vintage Aged : 2014       Tag: Merlot       Item Type: Red Wine       Size: 750 mL

Lidio Carraro Dadivas Serra Gaucha Chardonnay

Made from 100% Chardonnay from 2 different clones, and harvested from two parcels of the Dadivas vineyard. The wine is fermented for 15-20 days and then aged for eight months in temperature-controlled..

Varitels: Chardonnay       Vintage Aged : 2014       Tag: Chardonnay       Item Type: White Wine       Size: 750 mL

Lidio Carraro Quorum Grande Vindima

A true sensory journey, the aromatic richness, complexity and finesse. Fruity aromas and floral touch, evolving to coffee, chocolate and spices. Engaging, firm and ripe tannins. WINERY OVERVIEW Before..

Varitels: Red Wine       Vintage Aged : 2006       Tag: Red Wine       Item Type: Red Wine       Size: 750 mL