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Coteaux du Loir

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Domaine de Belliviere Coteaux du Loir LEffraie Sec Blanc

Born out of our passion for vines and wines, as well as the discovery of a sense of vocation after many adventures, the Belliviere domain was created from scratch in 1995. The estate has 15 hectares (..

Varitels: Chenin Blanc       Vintage Aged : 2015       Tag: Chenin Blanc       Item Type: White Wine       Size: 750 mL

Pascal Janvier Coteaux du Loir Rouge

Pascal Janvier never planned on becoming a vigneron. Though his parents had vineyard land of their own, they did not make their own wine. Instead, he went to school to learn butchery. However, Pascal ..

Varitels: Red Wine       Vintage Aged : 2016       Tag: Red Wine       Item Type: Red Wine       Size: 750 mL