Hofer Zweigelt



ÔThe 2013 vintage in Austria has made a considerable measure of fervor, and this is an ideal case of exactly how great a year it was. This heavenly Austrian Zweigelt, which arrives in a one-liter jug and fixed with a crown top, is unadulterated and reviving. Dull in shading with crisp, exquisite red natural product smells and succulent flavors that course onto sense of taste with round tannins and delicious causticity. Agreeable and uncomplicated, this is a wine that requires no push to appreciate, a genuine group pleaser! What's more, all of Hoferõs wines are produced using guaranteed naturally developed grapes, so toast your great wellbeing! With no oak or weight, and with an unassuming 12.5% liquor, the 2013 Hofer Zweigelt makes an awesome match to poultry and flame broiled vegetables, and can likewise be presented with fish without overpowering it.Tonight, welcome Hofer Zweigelt to your supper table. Simply pop the top and appreciate. Prost!õ,

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Hopler Pannonica Red



Dark ruby with aromas of dark berry fruits and pepper Flavors of juicy blackberries, hints of spice and soft tannins Very well suited for a variety of dishes, but just perfect with BBQ or steaks.

Austria delivers some truly pleasant red wines, however grape names, for example, zweigelt and blaufränkisch haven't precisely helped offer them. Possibly a delectable mix like the 2013 Höpler "Pannonica" ($15) will do the trap. It's a delicious, fiery, simply ready mixture (40 percent blaufränkisch, 35 percent zweigelt, 25 percent pinot noir) that rolls powerfully over the sense of taste and completes with awesome agreement and immaculateness. The name alludes to the area's legacy: Pannonia was a Roman Empire territory circumscribed toward the north and east by the Danube River. This wine is made for pork cooked in about any design, and will be awesome to have around when the winter squash begins coming in.

Price: $22.99


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