Fanal Rainwater Madeira



Translucent with a shiny golden color, fresh aromas of dried fruits, complex, medium body; caramel and walnut flavors

The immense strengthened wines of Portugal are superbly suited for the winter time due to their natural product fixation, higher liquor (around 20%), and solidness in the wake of opening. Once extremely prevalent with Dutch and English merchants - and in addition with our Colonial American predecessors (our Declaration of Independence was toasted with Madeira), it's the ideal opportunity for present day Americans to find this strengthened wine once more. The island of Madeira (situated in the Atlantic Ocean a few hundred miles from the shores of Portugal) has been making wines for a long time. As a helpful way-point on the way to the New World, mariners would stop off and get this invigorated, somewhat oxidized wine which was proposed to withstand a sun heated adventure over the sea. For those of you who have never attempted a Rainwater Madeira, it resembles a hybrid of Sherry and Port: it has a touch of Sherry's cooked flavor from maturing in hot-houses and Port's intricacy and sweetness. As far as anyone knows a name given to barrels of weakened wine coincidentally left out on a stormy shoreline, Rainwater alludes to a style mainstream in America due its less demanding drinking style..

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Taylor-Fladgate Ruby Port




aylor's Fine Ruby a mix of full bodied Port wines matured for around two years in substantial oak vats in Taylor's basements, or 'cabins', in Vila Nova de Gaia.

As they age, they pick up smoothness and class while holding their fruitiness, force and energetic ruby shading. They are then mixed together for adjust and consistency. With its firm tannins and concentrated fruitiness, Fine Ruby is ideal for the exemplary port-and-cheddar mix.

It is especially great with blue-veined and lavishly enhanced delicate cheeses. It likewise combines well with berry foods grown from the ground chocolate flavors and, similar to every red Port, makes a fantastic after supper drink.

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Morgadio Douro Tinto



This red wine, is fresh and elegant, showing a very good balance, with red fruit aromas and a typical black pepper note. The palate is very long and fresh with good volume and structure supported by silky tannins. Very persistent and complex with a long and fresh aftertaste.

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