Corte Gardoni Bardolino La Fontane D.O.C.



For fans of Valpolicella, this is a must try. Made with the same varieties (Corvina & Rondinella), but un-oaked. This should be your Summer red! Put a slight chill on a bottle, and take it to a barbecue.


Gianni Piccoli is the back up parent of the Bardolino and Custoza developing areas. A previous organic product tester, Gianni acquired prime land in the two zones and set going to make the best wine of the district, from only home developed natural product. As far as typicity, you won't locate a more genuine wine anyplace in Bardolino. Le Fontane is Corte Gardoni's initial drinking vino that sees no refinement in wood. It has the smoky qualities you'd anticipate from Valpolicella, alongside an unmistakable stoniness from the riverbed stones here (like Châteauneuf ), satiny tannins, and a beguiling fragrance of roses, sweet fruits, and sodden earth. Manni Nössing in Alto Adige revealed to me that he and his reap group drank a whole case on their evening break one day a year ago.

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