Cascina Gilli Freisa d'Asti Vigna del Forno



An irresistibly fresh perfume of raspberry, strawberry, blackberry leads to a lush palate of chocolate covered cherry finishes you with licks of cherry kirsch and a suite of soft tannins. Seductive.

A wine that from the primary taste will enchant Freisa's devotees, astonished to locate an incredible harmony between body, scent and acridity. The shading is exceptional ruby red, while the nose has the articulated raspberry flavors, joined by irregular hints of blackberry and rose, stroking the scent setting up the sense of taste for an astounding experience. In the mouth it is crisp and in the meantime concealing, startlingly smooth.

A genuinely gentler and more organized freisa than expected, in which the trademark tannic notes of the vine are constricted without the loss of simplicity.

Notwithstanding the typical and constantly upbeat blends with first "imperative" dishes of Piedmontese cooking, white meats and prepared cheeses, The Freisa d'Asti "Vigne del Forno" consolidates perfectly with additionally requesting dishes, for example, a great hamburger braised or a broiled sheep shrimp.

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